Beatriz Adriana González Beltrán, María Lizbeth Gallardo López, Alejandro Reyes Ortíz, Araceli Granados García


This article addresses the issue of improving user experience while redesigning Moodle for mobile use. We propose to use UCD for redesign along with usability guidelines, visual design and mobile web best practices. Students were asked to participate in a questionnaire aimed to gather their experience as a Moodle user. Questionnaire results allows us to validate the relevance of Moodle redesign for mobile devices. We conducted a usability test. Usability testing revealed that desktop version of Moodle present several problems related to visual design, accessibility, information architecture, navigation, simplicity and consistency. We propose to document the concrete design criteria, navigation map, and specifications for the mobile version of Moodle. These documents allowed the programmer to implement Moodle for mobile use. Our finding is that using UCD along with usability guidelines, visual design and mobile web practices we can improve user experience.

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