Fault detection in VSD-fed induction motors through Park’s impedance and fuzzy systems

Arturo Mejia Barron, Armando Guadalupe Garcia Ramirez, Roque Alfredo Osornio Rios, Rene de Jesus Romero Troncoso


Industrial applications that require speed control have been increasing in recent years and the use of variable speed drives (VSD) for feeding induction motors (IM) is more common. Therefore, methodologies for detecting faults on VSD-fed IM are needed with the aim of minimize cost in maintenance and reduce the power consumption. In this work a methodology for fault diagnosis is proposed through spectral patterns obtained from the Park’s impedance. Broken rotor bar, unbalanced mass, and misalignment conditions are investigated and a fuzzy-logic diagnosis system is proposed for asserting the VSD-fed IM condition. Results show high effectiveness in detection of the investigated fault conditions through the proposed methodology, which has been validated with experimental tests.

Index terms: fault detection, impedance analysis, induction motors, park transform, variable speed drives.

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